ConnectWork Offerings

At the ConnectWork, we offer a variety of services to best meet your personal and professional needs. Each offering is tailored to meet your individual passion, project, or pursuit. See details below to decide where you'd like to start. My commitment to you: I'll help you successfully begin, continue, and complete.



Here's what works: whatever works best for you. That's what we'll discover and act upontogether. This is not "life coaching." This is experiential accountability. Because, we know, it's really all about the experience of life, not just the "concept" of it. 

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There is power in “we.” When we connect together and offer expertise that positively impacts the lives of others, we harness the influence required to further inspire businesses, organizations, communities, and the population at large. If I don’t have the expertise you seek, my pledge to you is this: I connect you with whomever does. This is my guarantee. It’s like a referral network, you see. 



Branding your business? Building a website? Expanding clientele through referrals? Getting married minus maid-of-honor? Hosting the event of the season? In need of mediation? I'm an expert in guiding, supporting, directing, and holding schedules, timelines, and people accountable. Additionally, I offer creative and design services to help make your experience the most unique and enjoyable possible.